Block Party 2018

We have the best Block Party. Hands down. The best. We had our Block Party Saturday and it was another huge success! The weather cooperated and gave us sunshine and nice breezes. ‘Twas a wonderful day spent with wonderful neighbors, family members, and friends (neighbors are in a different category than friends- but that’s a post for another day.)

Good, good neighbors.
…and good friends…

We always have such a good time at our Block Party! Last year we decided to have party central at Katie’s house. For those of you who don’t know, our daughter Katie, bought a house 4 houses away from ours. So, we moved our Block Party guests to her house.  It was so successful that we decided to hang out there again this year! She makes a mean margarita, and she was busy all day making them and serving them up and down the block 😊

We also got to meet this guy:

Benjamin is Auntie Pat’s new puppy. He is adorable! Dogs are another good thing about a Block Party. They are everywhere! Not only the dogs who live on your block, but the other guests bring their dogs with them. It’s a dog lovers paradise. Everyone loved little Benjamin. People stopped at our house all day long just to pet him.

Food is another reason to love a Block Party! We had some great food of our own, but the neighbors food was even better! Our newest neighbors are from the Philippines. They made delicious egg rolls and noodles for us. Another neighbor had a “taste of Hungary” in her front yard. She also was handing out shots of Hungarian moonshine. People walked around all day passing out ice cream and other frozen treats from their portable coolers. Everyone mingled, tasted, and shared the day. What a great way to get to know your neighbors- old and new!

Games…… Block Party is complete without them! We had Hula Hoop contests, a Bags Tournament, a Frozen t-shirt contest (the first person to unwrap their frozen t-shirt and put it on is the winner), and a water balloon toss.

DJ-this is a must. Our DJ started at 4:00 and played a variety of music until 10:00.  What’s a party without music? We have had many different DJs over the years, and they add so much to the day. The street makes for a giant dance floor. People start dancing when the DJ shows up. We even had a line dance instructor come to give line dance lessons. As the night progresses, the “dance floor” fills up.

Raffles. We had a few different raffles this year. The raffle prizes are always great! We had a split-the-pot raffle, an open table raffle (if your ticket was chosen, you picked a prize from the table) and a put-your-ticket-in-the-box-for-the-prize-you-want-to-win raffle…….if you want to win the three piece bistro set, you put your ticket in the box for the bistro set and you cross your fingers and hope they pick your ticket at the end of the day!

If you are lucky enough to have an annual Block Party on your block, then you know how fun they are. You also know that it takes a lot of planning, and organizing. Monies have to be collected and taken care of so that there is a fund for purchasing prizes for the games, buying great items for the raffles, and paying for the DJ. There must be a group of people willing to put the work in. We have that here. We have people willing to do the hard work so that we can all enjoy a very enjoyable Block Party. Thank you!

In case you have never had a Block Party with your neighbors, I am including this article with Block Party planning tips.

On a side note, I had the most delicious lunch today! I had this at Panera:

It was SO good! It has nothing to do with a Block Party, but it was so good I had to share 🙂

Have a great week everyone!




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