Do You Daily Five?


And this:

  This is Daily Five in action. We use Daily Five every day (hence the name) for our literacy program. The five components of Daily Five are: Read-to-Self, Read-to-Someone, Word Work, Work on Writing, and Listen-to-Reading. Students choose when they want to work on these activities during the literacy block which gives us teachers the time to meet with small groups of students. When Daily Five is up and running, when my students have been trained to be independent workers, thinkers, and problem solvers, D5 is a beautiful thing! It’s like a symphony or poetry in motion. Kids are spread out all over the room in the flexible seating option of their choice (that’s another post for another time) and they are practicing skills at their level that will make them stronger readers and writers. IT’S GREAT!

When we first heard about D5, my daughter and I (yes, she’s a teacher too) decided to read about it. We ordered these books and read them, and then we shook our heads because we did not have the brain space to deal with this! I brought the D5 idea to my 1st grade team, and they flat out laughed at me! It seemed so labor intensive and so hard to manage. So, we put it away for a year. After that particular school year, we decided to give the idea of D5 a try. We read all about it, scoured teacher websites, and met to plan this new thing out. We rolled it out (about 12 years ago) and we never looked back. We needed to work together to make sense of it-when you have a teacher daughter and a really good team life is good. We even went to see D5 in action at a nearby school – and that made it click for us.

Now, I would never even consider teaching literacy without Daily 5. It is simply the best system I have found. It helps my students become independent learners and offers them choice and some control over their own learning. It allows me to meet with small groups without kids asking me “What do I do now?” It gives students what they need at their reading level, and it is differentiation at it’s best.

Interested? Want to give it a go? You are welcome to come and see D5 in action. Let me know! Also, there are so many wonderful resources out there. Start by heading to the official site and make sure you download this and watch this:

Go D5! You will love it!