Oh My Stars!

So, I just completed my first week of work for school year 2018-2019. Some observations:

*I am not ready. It takes a while to adjust to working when you have been off all summer.

*Setting up a classroom is a lot of work. A lot.

*I could not go back to school without an amazing team. Thank you team!

*Having my husband make my lunch every morning is a blessing worth more than gold! Thank you Daniel!

*When your school administration understands what you need. When they know what you are dealing with. When they are compassionate and kind. It makes a huge difference in how you feel about returning to work.

Am I ready for students to arrive on Tuesday? Well, not 100% I’m not gonna lie. However, I never feel ready and I have been doing this job for quite a while. Will we have a good day? YES! Will it all get done? YES! Will I change things around? YES! I love innovation and I love technology so my students are in for many different experiences this year.

So I plan on enjoying this long weekend. I plan on being mentally and physically ready for this school year on Tuesday. School year 2018-2019, here we go!

P.S. Check in with me on Tuesday evening to see how I feel then……..

To be continued…………