Respect, Respect, Respect

Maybe respect is all we need. Maybe it is as simple as that. I recently read this article about the real issues in public schools. What an article! Take a look and a quick read:

Heartwarming teacher stories overlook the real issues in public schools. This article talks about respecting teachers by treating them as professionals in a respected profession. What is more important than educating our future? What matters more than the children in our nation? Some of the things we teachers have to put up with would NEVER be tolerated in other professions. NEVER. Aside from the story about the administrator painting his school and the teacher needing gifted sick days while battling cancer, I have heard so many other stories of educators putting up with crazy conditions just so that they could get the job done. Just so they could make a difference in the lives of the students placed in their care. Just to be a professional.

How about the young teacher working in a blended classroom with the promise of a Diverse Learner team teacher, and an aide all day – but the aide never shows up because she is helping out in the office or lunchroom, and the DL Teacher is split between three other classrooms???

How about all the teachers who purchase the basic supplies needed in order to ensure their students have an great learning experience?

I could go on and on listing real situations where respect is lacking. I know that  professionals working in other fields would not put up with  these conditions. I also know that the grass is not greener on the other side. I know that other professions have their issues. I know that life is what you make it and nobody better bring up the whole “summers off” thing (that’s another post for a different day.)

On day three of the new school year, I hope that you will read the article referenced above. It’s something to think about………