The Hiatus is Over – Switchfoot!!!


I woke up this morning to hear this news on my daughter’s Instagram Story. The hiatus is over, and this band is back to work. What a nice way to start the weekend! I am so glad to hear this! I love Switchfoot, and I really love Jon Foreman. I think he is a genius. I think his music is intuitive, inspiring, intelligent, and interesting. (I also think it is very creative-but creative doesn’t start with an I 🙂 I love him in this group,

and I love him on his own:

If you don’t know Switchfoot, give them a listen. It’s adrenaline for your ears. If you don’t know Jon Foreman, give him a listen. It’s a balm for your soul.

I’m off to inform Alexa that I want to hear Switchfoot on repeat……… have a great weekend!

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