True Blue Forever (aka Cub Fan for Life)

 Sigh. Here we are. The best record in the National League. In first place. And then the bats go cold. No hitting. None. The magic number has been up and down and now sits at 1 for the Wild Card and 5 to clinch the division. What? Why is this always so hard?

People are talking about the Panic Meter. I have to hear it from the sox fans I work with every single time things don’t go right. We just need to play baseball!!! We need to right this ship. Tonight. As in now!

We can do it. I believe. I am a True Blue Cub Fan and I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs. At the end of the day, this is my team- win or lose-and of course I hope they clinch this division. As my husband keeps reminding me, anything can happen. As Ron Santo used to say, “Baseball is a funny game!”

So Go Cubs Go. Ozzie Guillen said it best on the pregame show. “Just hit. Just hit!”

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***A late edition: