Wild Card Drama and Other Random Things….

Well, this is it. IT! There are no more chances. My beloved Cubbies MUST win tonight! I know they can do it. I can’t take much more razzing from a certain co-worker at school who will remain nameless……

This happened today. I was minding my own business, walking as usual. I was on lap four when I looked down and saw this. This snake. In the middle of the hallway. What??? My first thought was that somebody was trying to be funny with a rubber snake. Nope. That snake wasn’t a fake. I took a detour on lap 5 and stopped in the engineers office to announce that THERE IS A SNAKE IN THE HALL! Wonderful Bob to,the rescue. He scooped it up and returned “her” to her cage in the middle school classroom from whence she came. Whew! Turns out she had been missing since Thursday! Just another day at Peterson School 🙂

 Isn’t she just the cutest thing? I swear she knows how to pose. I am the lucky recipient of a new phone, and let me tell you  that this phone can flat out take pictures! This camera is amazing! I love new technology and I am having so much fun playing around with my new machine – and this thing is a machine! So thankful for a husband who gets me and my love for new tech, (and he loves Wrigley too!)

So, that’s all for now……….I’ll be busy tonight watching my boys, pushing for a W! GO CUBS GO!

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